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Bad news...*x-posed liek whoa*

It turns out that my mom's interweb connection is going to get cut off tomorrow (as is the cable D: ) so if you don't hear from me in a while, that's the reason. Hopefully, I'll be able to piggy back on someone else's connection. Otherwise... ): I blame Comcast. They had sent a warning letter to my mom too late so we just found out yesterday.

*sigh* Maybe this is a good thing since everyone's hyped over HP 7 and I haven't even read the books or watched the movies yet. Though I'm not into HP at the moment, I could be someday (if someone lets me borrow the books) so I'm dodging the recent spoilers, left and right. Maybe I need a break from the internets, in general. Who knows?

*CalamityBebop's pic is complete but I want to fix somethings on it.

*Rajita's...to be really truthful, I'm still at the penciling but it is coming together. :)

You two will be getting stuff from me at the same time! Still working on the others, though. Also I have personal projects to catch up with. Argh, next time I'm making this a sketch only meme. DD:



(Deleted comment)