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Rants r' us!

'Cause you know I only use this journal for art postings, random memes, and rants, right? XD


Re: Anime/manga is not a style or how people should stop using the style.

This deserves its own essay (of which I will work on) but I just want to get something off of my chest.

Shut. The fuck. Up. Seriously. You're pissing me off and that's why this is a rant. *tight smile*

So, there is a similarity between many Japanese artists' styles. And your point is? Like this has NEVER happened before in art history *coughcoughart decocough*. Heavens forbid should a bunch of artist have similar ways of approaching a drawing. Heavens forbid there be a dry patch in an art movement. Yes, I call this an art movement.

Look. People should be able to do whatever the fuck they want when it comes to expressing their creativity. No wait, I'm phrasing this wrong. People should be able to be INFLUENCED in anyway they want to and should be able to face whatever comes with doing so.

So newbs to the art world prefer a specific style? LET THEM. They'll learn from that; they'll make their own style or drop out completely.

So, in closing, shut the fuck up.

Rant #2:

Re: What makes a main character a main character.

Something else that should be an essay but I'll leave that to someone who's more than a literature major than I'll ever be.

I think that when it comes to being a main character it means much more than who has the most lines. I think it means much more than 'who becomes leader.'

It's about who's story we are watching, who's eyes are we watching this from?

There are such things as having two main characters.

Or maybe it's that there are such things as 'focused characters.' To say that the person we are watching the story from isn't a focused character, would be weird in my opinion.

Rant #3it'snotreallyarant.

Re: I reaaaaaaaaly want to play Phoenix Wright.

Like reeeeeeeeeaaly badly. D: It looks so cool, I don't care if I suck at games and barely have money in my account (I gotta start selling prints).


Off to get something to drink. It's 100 degrees here. D:


Jun. 14th, 2007 02:14 am (UTC)
too lazy to log into this account, again.
Actually people were ranting on how OMG!horrible it is when it's really not all that different from the repetitiveness of US-toon style. It's just as annoying as people who think it's the best thing since sliced bread. It's neither. It's just a different approach, damnit! D<

I'm buying a DS off of my cuz! Soon it will be mine! >D
Jun. 14th, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)
Re: too lazy to log into this account, again.
That's cuz all the US companies are ripping the style off lately... mostly without any good script writters (shiver new TMNT)...

Yay! DS games are uber fun ^_^